About Us

Span-World LLC manufactures the environmentally friendly decontaminate and microorganism inhibitors MDF-200® (DF-200) and MDF-500®. These two decontamination chemicals have a wide range of uses. With 135 distributors worldwide, we can quickly provide a team of experts anywhere in the world. Our skilled team has more than 65 years of combined experience, and we're proud to offer the finest decontamination products available on the market. Span-World LLC is a veteran-owned and disabled-veteran-owned small business.

Our History

The United States Government developed the underlying technology, MDF-200®, at Sandia National Laboratories. Span-World's decontamination formula, Modec's MDF-500®, is the EPA-registered commercial version of MDF-200®, and is manufactured by Span-World pursuant to its license number 15-N08036 with Sandia Corp. Modec's MDF-500® is registered with the USEPA under FIFRA No. 91899-1/2.  Span-World LLC manufactures its decontamination products in Covington, Louisiana, and they are used in military installations around the world.

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